Tima, whose last name is unknown, was one of the main characters in the books. She made good friends with Matt Wheeler and Elena Hickson (called riff-raff by Spin). She was also the main part of Nancy in the school's play of Oliver! and enjoyed the rehearsals.[5] She was ten years old. He parents were both Arab and she was new to the area.


She had the power to control small insects: moths, gnats, bees, ants, grasshoppers, beetles, mosquitoes etc. etc.


Tima loved dancing and singing and overall musical theatre. Once she failed at the school play Oliver!, Mr James, the music teachers, gave her a second chance at St Thomas's Church to sing her main song "As Long as He Needs Me".[5]


'Honestly—I'm fine. I'm weird, true, but you
knew that already.'


― Tima to her mother


Night Speakers
Night Raiders


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