Spin, the less boring half of Crispin,[1] was a ghostly figure said to have gleaming white hair and deathly white skin with luminous eyes. Elena described him as other-worldly and later adding that he couldn't be much older than 15 or 16 - she said he could have been in year 11 for all she knew.[2] Spin was also a black-belt in a form of martial arts[3] and long, pointed, black fingernails.[1]

"She said, in a small, high voice.'It was dark and it moved like smoke.'" Tima[4][source]


Spin found the bandstand one of his favourite haunts, he played with people, like drunken partygoers, these were entertainment to him where he could get maximum effect from them thoug he tolerated shift workers seeing as they were dull and focused.[5] He enjoyed haunting thieves/robbers as they had the best faces.[5]

Haunting ElenaEdit

When Elena Hickson was up one night and staring out of the window, Spin said she looked like the Mona Lisa.[6] He also pretended to aim a gun at her (after singing 'I'll spin you right round, baby, right round' whilst coming out of the shadows) to see what she'd do.[7]

Quarry EndEdit

Spin met Matt Wheeler and Elena at Quarry End after their second meeting with the demonic squid. He took Lucky from Elena until he found Tima with a gun lodged against the back of his forehead.[1]

Sun burnEdit

Whenever Spin entered the sun, even for a very small space of time, he skin burned severely. Later, he had a blood rush. This was were his blood blackened.[8]



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