Sentry SuperSacks was a huge packaging warehouse at Quarry End that was positioned against the cliff face at the far end of the site.[1]

"A huge packaging warehouse tucked right against the quarry cliff face, its massive doors were rolled open wide to reveal floor-to-ceiling shelving filled with packing boxes, envelopes, paper and bubble wrap." ― A description of the warehouse[2][source]


The burly man in a boiler suit (later found to be Gary)[3] was coming out with the dead animals: a pigeon, a rook and two starlings in a cardboard box as Elena Hickson and Tima were going into the warehouse showed around by Julie. It had been going on for a couple of weeks and the birds were disposed of in a metal bin in the car park.[4]


The walls around the toilet cubicle, which had an often unlocked window, were grey breeze-block[5] and had a concrete floor.[6] The breeze blocks led to a black fire escape.[7]



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