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Vandalism is the deleting, changing or adding things in an attempt to ruin the Night Speakers Wiki. The most common types are replacing text with silly things, blanking pages or adding utter random words. Any good effort to improve the wiki, even if it's misguided or incorrect is not vandalism.

Dealing with VandalismEdit

If you see an act of vandalism, please report it on an admin's message wall.

Any users committing acts of vandalism will be blocked by the blocking guide. Difficult to block or otherwise exceptional vandals will be reported to staff at Wikia.

Fixing vandalised pagesEdit

When you see that a page has been vandalised, please revert the page to the previous version. Reverting the vandalism quickly helps to protect the wiki, and it sends a message to the vandal that their efforts have been wasted.

  • Click the "history" tag on the page, and you'll see a list of all of the previous versions of the page.
  • You can see any version by clicking on the date. Click on the most recent version before the vandalism.
  • Click on "edit", and you'll see a regular edit page, plus a warning that says that you're editing an out-of-date revision of the page.
  • Hit save, and it will be like the vandalism never happened.

Check the vandal's contribution historyEdit

It can also be helpful to click on the vandal's IP address or username to see their contribution history. They may have vandalised other pages, too, and you can revert those.

Don't tease the vandalsEdit

Vandalism is irritating, especially when you can tell that it's the same vandal who's come back more than once. Please resist the urge to let the vandal know how annoyed you are. Don't write anything in the edit summary except "vandalism", and don't post anything on the contributor's message wall.

Vandals are looking for two different kinds of satisfaction: the pleasure of defacing our work, and the pleasure of watching us get angry about it. When you revert the vandalism and ignore the vandal, you take all the pleasure away; the vandal will get bored and move on to pulling the legs off of spiders or whatever else they enjoy.