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Rollbacks are users who have the ability to easily undo an edit that caused harm to the wiki with one click.


You can find a rollback by looking for the text next to their username at Special:Listusers.


Rollbacks are users who are trusted and experienced at cleaning up vandalism. Anyone can clean up vandalism with a few clicks but rollbacks have the ability to do it easily and so can revert lots of edits in a short amount of time.


The users who have rollback status are:

  1. NightSpeakers


A rollback is made a rollback at a bureaucrat's decision and fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Have been on the wiki at least two weeks
  2. Made at least 50 edits on mainspace, category or template pages
  3. Be trustworthy and willing to take on the job

Any nominees should leave a message on NightSpeakers' Message Wall confirming that they have read the information listed above.

In the case where no bureaucrat/admin is active, a user must seek adopting the wiki.