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This page is an official policy of the Night Speakers Wiki.
Please make use of the discussion page to propose any changes to this policy.

This policy may be updated at any time without warning.


The deletion policy is a guide as to what articles are deleted and how to mark an article for deletion. Any page from any namespace (articles, files, categories, templates and others) on the Night Speakers Wiki which have had the {{delete}} tag put on them will be listed at Category:Candidates for deletion and shall be deleted shortly if no one objects this deletion. Articles can be re-deleted if they have not been improved and articles that are clearly vandalism or unrelated to Night Speakers will be deleted upon sight.

If the article you have made has been tagged for deletion, do not take offence! We are not saying your article is bad just that it doesn't belong here on the wiki. You can of course defend your article's deletion on the category for deletion's talk page. If your article has been deleted, just ask an admin if you want to re-write it again to make sure it doesn't get deleted for a second time.

Also, don't blank articles. Blanking is when you remove all content from a page and is actually a minor offence! Articles should be deleted by an administrator rather than being blanked where they look unprofessional and unkempt on a wiki like this.