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Bureaucrats are users who are are trusted tremendously on a community. Bureaucrats are administrators with extra rights. Bureaucrat status is the highest status available on a community and cannot be revoked by anyone except FANDOM staff members.


All bureaucrats on the Night Speakers Wiki are also admins meaning their identification is the same as one. Admins have a golden badge next to their profile picture on discussion posts. Admins also have a tag next to their username on their profile masthead identifying them as a mast head. Furthermore, links to admin's profile and Message Wall are coloured black. Bureaucrats have another tag on their profile masthead showing they are bureaucrats.


Bureaucrats have one extra feature which is not available to admins. Bureaucrats are able to:

  • Promote/revoke users to rollback status
  • Promote/revoke users to Content Moderator status
  • Promote/revoke users to administrator status
  • Promote users to bureaucrat status


Current bureaucrats on this wiki are:

  1. NightSpeakers


A bureaucrat can only become a bureaucrat if the community supports the decision. A bureaucrat can only be promoted by another bureaucrat providing they fulfil the following:

  1. Have been on the wiki for a minimum of three months
  2. Have had admin status for a minimum of one month
  3. Have made at least 500 edits in any namespace
  4. Be trusted by the community

Any nominees should leave a message on NightSpeakers' Message Wall confirming that they have read the information listed above.

In the case where no bureaucrat is active, a user must seek adopting the wiki.