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Bots are alternative accounts for a user. Bots are automated and programmed to do tedious tasks quickly. More information on how to make and run a bot can be found at Help:Bots.


Bots have a tag next to their username on their profile masthead identifying them as a bot. Links to a bot's profile/Message Wall are coloured magenta. Bots are not listed on the community page or achievements leaderboard and their edits can only be seen by clicking 'show bots' on Special:Recentchanges or looking at the bot's contributions tab.


To make sure the running of bots does not disrupt the workings of the wiki, bots have a few functions which allow them to not disrupt other users. These are:

  • Edits not appearing in Special:WikiActivity
  • Not appearing on the community page or leaderboard
  • Having their edits automatically marked as patrolled


The list of users who have the Discussion Moderator status are:

  1. NightRaiders


A bot flag can only be requested by an admin or bureaucrat by contacting FANDOM staff. For a user to be allowed to have a bot on the wiki, they must:

  1. Have been editing for at least three weeks
  2. Have made a minimum of 50 edits
  3. Be trustworthy

Once a user gains Content Moderator status, they can request that their bot gains this right too at NightSpeakers' Message Wall.