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Administrators, admins or sysops are trusted users that oversee the smooth running of the Night Speakers Wiki. They help out in the community and are trusted, experienced and mature users that are there to answer any questions and welcome new users.



Admins have a golden badge next to their profile picture on discussion posts and the community page. Admins also have a tag next to their username on their profile masthead identifying them as an admin. Furthermore, links to admin's profile and Message Wall are coloured black.


Admins are the basis of wikis and support other users. Admins are leaders of the community and they are people who keep the wiki running and can also do a few extra things:


A list of users who have the ability can be found at Special:Listadmins. The following list is manually updated:

  1. NightSpeakers


An admin can only become an admin if the community supports this decision. An admin must be promoted by a bureaucrat and fulfil the following:

  1. Have been on the wiki for a minimum of one month
  2. Have made at least 250 edits on mainspaace, category or template pages
  3. Be trustworthy and willing to take on the job

Any nominees should leave a message on NightSpeakers' Message Wall confirming that they have read the information listed above.

In the case where no bureaucrat is active, a user must seek adopting the wiki.