Matteus "Matt" Wheeler was a boy in year 9. He was described as one of those kids always getting into trouble and had an older brother called Ben Wheeler. He had short, dark hair and hazel eyes. His family owned a car valeting service, Kowski Kar Klean. He met the other Night Speakers on a Saturday, the 9th night of his waking.


Matt could control birds like starlings.

Car wash dutiesEdit

Matt helped the business on weekdays by cleaning three cars before school, starting at around 6:00am. On Saturdays he normally started between 9 and 10:00am, depending on the amount of customers who were waiting, until noon when he had an afternoon off.[8]

Matt's dreamEdit

Before going to Sentry SuperSacks at Quarry End, Matt had a dream where a starling was chalking him a message on a damp, concrete floor at the car wash with a white, stubby stick in its mouth.[9]


Matt met a starling whom he later called Lucky.. It was an incredible experience for him as his family denied him any pets, the only animals he'd had were a bunch of rats who had taken home under some old boxes in the car clean. He had enjoyed throwing crisps at them and seeing what they did until his father went and poisoned them a week after.


"Being a comforting presence to anyone was entirely new. Menacing presence had always been more his thing."



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Chestnut-tailed starling