Car Wash

Kowski Kar Klean was the car cleaning store that Matt Wheeler worked in. It was an old petrol station put into the hillside on a steep road. It had steam-jet cleaners and vacuums on one half of the place and the other half was boxed in with folding glass doors where posher cars were kept in overnight (BMWs and Mercedes) and outside were less posh cars (Fords and Vauxhalls).[1] The company also had a website. It was around ten minutes from Elena's house if you ran and around twenty if you walked.[2]


The old station shop was an office and, above that, a flat where Matt lived.


There was once an infestation of rats that had moved into some old boxes at the back of the garage - Matt had always wanted a pet but his family didn't agree. Mr Wheeler poisoned them all a week later.[3]



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