Alison "Ali" Sparkes is a children's author who has published over 40 books[2] including Night Speakers and Night Raiders. She has also published the Shapeshifter and Unleashed series.[3] Her books Night Walker, Night Terrors and the unnamed fifth book (in the Night Speakers series) are out for release soon.


Ali Sparkes was born in her home town of Southampton with her sisters and brother. Ali always wanted to be a singer or actress, even starring on television when she was 14. Ever since the age of 6, Ali began writing stories and reading them out to her family. Once entering adulthood, Ali became a reporter before being a radio broadcaster and producer for BBC Radio Solent. Later, she moved on to being a freelance writer, she even wrote a comedy for BBC Radio 4. She then realised who she was meant to be, an author, and has been writing books ever since. Her books are published by Oxford University Press (OUP).[4]

Current lifeEdit

Ali still lives in Southampton with her husband. She has two grown-up sons.[5] In 2010, her book, Frozen in Time won the Blue Peter Book Award prize which she still has.[6]


Ali has written over 40 books. Some are single books but most are series of books.

Blue Peter

Ali Sparkes' Blue Peter book award prize

Notes and referencesEdit

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